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EEVblog #158 – AVR ISP MK2 + LM317 Regulator Tutorial

Who else but Dave can turn what was supposed to be a simple 2 minute AVR ISP hack video into a 30 minute episode on designing and measuring the performance of an LM317 voltage regulator circuit, with a bonus shootout between the Fluke 87V and the Gossen Metrahit XTRA multimeters? ...

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EEVblog #134 – The Maxim Manipulation

More dodgy components, this time from our friends at Maxim (c/o Motorola) The DS2502 datasheet is HERE UPDATE: Maxim have admitted the problem and have fixed everything without fuss. It turns out the firmware is intended for Motorola phone batteries: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/5717307.html Podcast: Download

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