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Video Blogs[edit]

Adafruit (Youtube) Ask An Engineer & Wearable Electronics
The Electronics Engineering Video Blog (EEVblog) Product reviews, teardowns, tutorials, rants, live shows.
The Electronics Engineering Video Blog (Youtube)
Mikeselectricstuff (YouTube) Random reviews, extreme teardowns etc.
Defpom’s Electronics & Repair Electronics test gear repair, reviews, mailbag etc.
Mr. Carlson's Lab (Youtube) Vintage electronics restoration, Ham Radio, and general electronics. Extremely clear presentation.
SDG Electronics (YouTube) Electronics projects, teardowns, reviews, repairs etc.
The Signal Path Blogger is a group leader at Bell Labs.
Martin Lorton Solar Power and Electronic Measurement Equipment
Gerry Sweeney (Youtube)
Jeri Ellsworth (Youtube)
Jeri Ellsworth Jabber (Youtube)
Afrotechmods (Youtube)
Quicknuclearscience (Youtube) Particle Physics and Electronics
W2AEW (YouTube) W2AEW's Electronics, Test Equipment, Ham Radio, and misc videos
Micah Elizabeth Scott (scanlime) self-description: Art, engineering, reverse engineering, and cats!

Text Blogs[edit]

PCBONLINE BlogBlogs about PCB, electronics assembly, components, PCB design, and modules.
Raspberry Pi ComponentsGet Your Raspberry Pi Kit Work! What Raspberry Pi Components Do You Need?
Newbury Electronics Newbury Electronics groups blog covering electronics, PCBs and design
Electronics Blogs 12 of the world's most popular Electronic Blogs
PCB Inspection Information about inspecting PCBs and Components
Solder Fume Extraction Information about removing harmful fumes whilst soldering
SMT Rework Tips and information for SMT rework
Reflow Profiling Management Tips and information for reflow profiling
AnalysIR Blog AnalysIR Blog, with articles about Infrared remote control electronics & related software.
tronixstuff Arduino and other tutorials; reviews of electronic kits, test equipment and products; articles of interest and more.
JumperOne Electronic tutorials, projects, hardware hacking.
MightyOhm MightyOhm - Join the resistance! Electronics related stuff; personal blog.
TheLifeOfKenneth A mechanical engineer's blog. Some interesting electronics projects.
ETS Cable Components Blog Technical blog covering the cabling side of the electrical industry.
Kerry D. Wong A blog dedicated to MCU and other electronics projects.
embeddederic Rants from the Embedded Hardware Guy.
Stephen's Weblog Another electrical engineer's blog. Nice projects.
Engineer Blogs Relevant topics in engineering and academia alike.
Starlino Electronics Robotics and Electronics Tutorials with special interest to MEMS Sensors (Accelerometers, Gyroscopes, Magnetometers)
Mint Electronics Blog A general electronics hobbyist blog. General topics for now such as teardowns and projects.
Hacromatic Electronics tutorials, software, project ideas, and news.
Gerry Sweeney Electronics and software combined into projects, ideas and information.
MeanPC A site for electronics hobbyists. I document cool projects with the Arduino microprocessor as well as the TI MSP430 Launchpad.
Solder in The Veins A site for Microcontrollers, Linux and Python.
Switching Power Converters Power conversion circuits, interactive simulation, design calculators, power electronics custom search engine.
JJS Manufacturing Impartial and best practice advice across a range of electronics, design and manufacturing topics.
Circuits Assembly Hot Wires Blog Blog of Circuits Assembly and Printed Circuit Design & Fab magazines.
San Francisco Circuits - PCB School Articles from San Francisco Circuits on printed circuits.
CircuitMaker Blog All about making board-level OSHW projects, tips and tricks for efficient PCB design.
Agile Electronics site and blog Blog with useful information about preparing your design for assembly, written by the assemblers.
everything RF Community Online Blog for the RF & Microwave Industry.
IC Chip Word An electronics-guide website, provides you with the industry professional electronic components datasheets
Kynix Semiconductor Electronic Blog Online blog provides the latest information of the semiconductor industry for you
Practical Software-defined Radio Software-defined Radio Blog with articles on practical implementation