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General Electronics Forums and mailing lists[edit]

Electronics forums12 of the world's most popular Electronics forums
EEVBlog forum
icDirectory Limited icDirectory Limited is a forum for Electronic Components, that makes it easy to find millions of components stock. https://www.icdirectory.com 4HV - High voltage, Tesla Coils and other danger-oriented electrical things
Stack Exchange Electronics
neonixie - Nixie tubes and other vintage display technology (Google Group)
The volt-nuts Archives
The time-nuts Archives
Switching Power Converters - Power electronics

Company & product specific forums and mailing lists[edit]

Online stores[edit]


Test equipment[edit]

Agilent Test & Measurement
Fluke Test & Measurement

Semiconductors and microcontrollers[edit]

Texas Instruments
Piclist - Long-running PIC oriented mailing list
AVRfreaks forum - Atmel microcontrollers
LPC2000 - NXP LPC ARM microcontrollers (Yahoo! Groups)
Xilinx Forum - Xilinx FPGAs and CPLDs
Altera Forum - Altera FPGAs and CPLDs

CAD/EDA software[edit]

PCAD - (Yahoo! Groups)