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General electronics theory[edit]

Electronics Club Great set of tutorials for beginners. You can find basics about electronics components, logic circuits, projects and so on...
All About Circuits Online version of the great free ebook by Tony R. Kuphaldt, highly recommended!
The Resistor Guide Online reference on all resistive elements, such as resistors, potentiometers, varistors, thermistors and more.

Soldering and practical skills[edit]

Making good quality homebrew PCBs
Tutorial on identifying bad aluminium electrolytic capacitors

PCB layout and CAD[edit]

Dave's PCB layout tutorial
Quick-teck PCB design technical articlesSome interesting Engineering notes
Analog vs Digital Ground Interesting read on mixed signal pcb layout
Quick turn PCB prototype serviceA good PCB manuafacturing in fast delivery, high quality and low costs


Hitex insider guidesGuides for several ARM based MCUs

Radiation effect on electronic[edit]

Programming languages[edit]

FPGAs and hardware description languages[edit]

VHDL Tutorial
a short Verilog reference

RF design[edit]

Untitled site with easy to understand information on RF design and a large range of experiments. [as of 03/21/15 this site is down; The WayBack Machine is your friend]