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Help with flowmeter output
« on: February 10, 2013, 12:28:44 am »

One of the most helpful sites on the planet, thanks everyone!

I am adding a paddlewheel flowmeter (bluwhite f-2000) to my pool plumbing and would like to interface the flowmeter with an arduino, the meter has 2 options:

Coil Sensor, no power required, coil generates AC voltage (from .06 volts to approximately 3 volts) depending on the flow rate, AC sine wave output.

Hall Effect Sensor, requires 6-24V DC power, DC square wave output, TTL/CMOS compatible digital (current sinking) output signal.

I would like the coil because it doesn't need a PSU but I am worried it will be tricky to integrate with the arduino, I am fairly sure none of the pins on the arduino will accept and measure AC, so I would need some kind of interface board, if so, is it something available off the shelf?

The hall effect option outputs a digital signal and from what I read that probably can be read directly by the arduino?

Advice, thoughts, recommendations?

Thanks everyone!


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