Author Topic: Past 'Sagan' & 'Huxley' comments ??  (Read 1381 times)

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Past 'Sagan' & 'Huxley' comments ??
« on: November 15, 2017, 02:07:07 pm »
It shows that I'm behind the times in two ways. I did not know that there was now a 'Huxley' too !!  :-)
And secondly that we are now in a day & age that such 'exposure' seems to be a problem these days.....
With ZERO offense meant towards Dave, he is not 'Brad Pitt' or 'Angelina Jolie', yet, dealing with countless
Paparazzi & numerous other creeps trying to follow him home & have eyes on his kids, for the wrong reasons!!
He is a proud father, & Nicole is a proud mother.... and MAYBE their kids will follow in their/his footsteps.

Also, and granted, we are a bit more laid back here in Australia, and so we SHOULD be !!  WE do not normally
have to deal with the majority of global troubles/attitudes/race/freedom & general 'homeliness' in this world....

'Political Correctness' (God, I hate that phrase), is rampant today, and most 'Normal' people should just get
back to behaving/talking 'normally' without the influence of the 'well-meaning' (but false..) Prophets today....

I have SEEN the video episodes, where Nicole & Sagan have been involved with the POPULAR and loving clips,
in their regular 'MailBag' scenarios. Within THESE I see the pride that Dave shows, (and yes... keeping his
gigantic knife hidden then for 'Political Correctness'... sigh...), as he incorporates his loved ones in the opening
of the weeks delivery......  'I' would be proud of my wife & child (children) too.....

Sort of related to this, haha... I recently asked about the origin of the name 'Sagan', and was informed that, yes,
it WAS in relation to the late Astronomer, 'Carl Sagan'.  Obviously Dave has an interest in historical people, which
is 'good', and that the name 'Huxley' was from the Grandfather of an "Aldous Huxley", a writer, novelist, philosopher.
I don't know much about his 'GrandFather', but 'Aldous' himself once said in one of his famous quotes......

"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible, is music."

That struck a NERVE with me ! :-)   (I am a musician, and a lover of music...)
SO many times, I have tried to 'explain' music to people, and showing physical patterns, and explaining 'Keys' just
doesn't cut it.....  Then ONE day, they finally GET IT !!!! and it just happens!.... It is like Mathematics...
What I am trying to say, is that a point is reached, beyond explanation, when you just 'Get It', and it becomes a
language in it's own. I have sat with people from say Japan, France, Ireland etc etc, and somehow WE just MAKE
music, without a WORD being spoken  between us... it's an international language that we all enjoy.

Our Maths, Electronics, Medical expertise from outside our 'circles'.... amalgamates and we just make music....
We don't write the 'formulas'.... Visiting people & their children are handed simple instruments & encouraged.
And so the next generation is keen, and performing the (then) unexplainable.

Keep promoting your children, Dave & Nicole.
When they leave the nest, they will fly !!!  xox
Diagonal of 1x1 square = Root-2. Ok.
Diagonal of 1x1x1 cube = Root-3 !!!  Beautiful !!

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