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Fake THT BS170 with reversed pinout are about

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Yes, I know. Should have known better then to buy on Ali. No-one is informed or helped by me posting about it.
Just writing away the frustration of spending all evening troubleshooting the freshly build pcb.

They probably accidentally labelled a bunch of 2n7000 as BS170 and are still making them into money rather then binning them.

Now, do I bin them, or use them and run afoul of them in the future when I forget.
Seems like an obvious choice, but I am very frugal.

Widlarize them.

I doubt it was accidental >:D

It is evident that in China, the companies packaging those transistors or ICs will print anything you want on them, no questions asked. And the fraudsters who order such custom parts just don't give a fuck about compatibility. Maybe some of them aren't even knowledgeable enough to understand the difference.

Document the problem on Ali, request a refund, move on.

Whats special about BS170?
Any reason you aren't using something more common?

I assume its the through hole part, as the SOT-23 parts have the same pinout. And you can get those from LCSC for 5c:

More standard? Than a BS170?

There is nothing special about the BS170. Afaik it is one of the more normal and common general purpose THT FET's
Now, I do not claim to know what really is standard. Afterall, I am still messing with THT. But what do you consider a standard low power signal level FET?


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