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How-to make decent photographs for forum posts/articles/publications?

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--- Quote from: EPAIII on April 22, 2023, 01:05:53 am ---I still get nothing when I try the Preview button. Probably my browser or Pop-Up Blocker or something. I can live with that now that I have a procedure that should work.

--- End quote ---
Mostly correct above ^^^ and we learn better if we make a few mistakes.

Preview appears above the post text entry box.  ;)
Scroll up to see it.

Proper lighting (Google ring light or Ring Lamps). These are special LED Lamps that work perfect for good lighting. No ugly tupperware boxes or strips of LED held on with gaffer tape.

Proper Cropping. (Remove all the stuff you don't need).

Proper Apps (Your default camera and its settings will not cut it. Chk out apps like Magnifier and Microscope.)
If you want to take it past Magnifier and Microscope type apps. Then pickup a cheap HD USB Microscope. I got the Andostar. For under 50$ you get a HD Microscope.

Have been using a Lumix FZ18, then FZ38 for a decade or more. Years out of date now, but has good autofocus, even at macro, perfect exposure, image stabilisation and much more  Usb plugged in, automounts and appears as a disk drive in windows explorer, making file copying trivial. No apps needed. Best of all, s/h examples can be found at givaway prices on the usual site. Natural light is the best if possible, no flash, but more care needed to avoid reflections with an artificail light source...


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