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Autotrax Dex
« on: February 22, 2017, 12:16:00 am »
Greeting all,

In the past I have been quite tolerant with Autotrax Dex giving Iliya plenty of opportunity of the last 3 years. I know a lot on this board are are objectionable to Autotrax Dex but that was in my opinion based on instant dislike and obvious bias towards a particular methodology from other software without considerable time to evaluate. Maybe I am a lot more patient than most.

After some time I decided that Autotrax Dex has some serious flaws a lot that was mentioned on the previous post, but the most concerning is Iliya attempt to cover up negativity and reluctance to provide reasonable support.

The EDA software in itself has improved leap and bounds over the last years but one thing has not changed and that is his reluctance to resolves some bugs for some users.

My final post on his forum was a bit of constructive criticism with a simple statement "Concentrate on fixing bugs than trying to develop new features"

Iliya response "to deleted forum post"

I can only warn users that purchasing this software after I have been using it for the last 3 years is that don't. It is not rubbish as some have suggested, the aggression of Iliya and his ongoing favouritism to some members are in mostly disgusting. Iliya in most wont care. He has a substantial number of users and mostly posts like mine are either deleted or forgotten about over time.

I gave him a chance although I have been using KiCad and other EDA software at the same time, KiCad is improving although has some quirky processes.

I am now evaluating Altium Designer and although I have an installation problem the Schematic Editor is by far rewarding to use. There a plenty of tips and trick for using it and it is feature rich. Although I am technician for over 30 years I have gone back to Uni to earn a degree. The student licence for Altium is cheaper than the full version of AutoTrax Dex so it was the logical next step for me.

OK enough of a Rant, I may post a video about this rant on YouTube but a bit busy with my degree and health as well so it may or may not come.

In summary use AutoTrax Dex with absolute caution. It has continuous bugs that need constant updating and only a single developer make the software mediocre at best. The latest bug is the search feature. In the end designing a schematic would take hours instead of minute purely from this bug, and there was no resolution at the end of my subscription (convenient eh!).


PS: My subscription lapse for only 1 day and I was immediately locked out of using Dex. that is another consideration especially if you may go away on holidays while subscription renewal process comes up. I wasn't informed of the subscription ending till about 2 day prior (That was also a feature I tested deliberately).

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Re: Autotrax Dex
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2017, 02:37:26 pm »
My software never would update.  He suggested a couple of trivial things, but then simply stopped responding to me.   When it was time to renew, I didn't.   

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