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Absolute bare minimum FPGA thats breadboardable?

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I want to get into FPGAs but I dont want a kit with all the bells and whistles. I want the absolute bare minimum so I can do it all myself and learn. I think id love to just have a FPGA presoldered to a breakout board that i could connect to a breadboard. Kind of like the CMOD FPGA boards. I cant find any bare kits like what i want. Any ideas?




There are a few toy FPGA (like the tinyFPGA listed above), but most serious FPGAs are simply not breadboardable due to a whole host of issues like complex power delivery, signal integrity issues, etc. If you want to see what it takes to design a custom board for somewhat modern FPGA - take a look at the project in my signature. It's not barebones because while aimed at beginners I still wanted to make it practically useful, but it's open source so you can remove anything you don't want while keeping all essentials there, and design your own board.


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