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Role Description here:

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Reading between the lines they're after someone who can program dataloggers and similar devices, and get various sensors and devices talking to each other and reporting their readings back to a database or cloud thing over the internet.

For the most part it's probably not component level stuff, or writing firmware, but more at an integration level with a strong eye to resilience as the equipment will undoubtedly be deployed long term in hostile environments. The sort of role that would always have you thinking, trying to do better, but not stressing or dealing with customers/clients.

If you're not already across the environmental monitoring world it would probably suit someone who's industry qualified and experienced in code or electronics, and is handy with setting up arduino's or pi's to do things and communicate over the internet or cellular. They're probably not using arduino's or pi's but the concept is pretty similar.

It's not spectacular money (nor insignificant) but the conditions working for the government are apparently pretty good and I've heard great things about this particular team and the interesting work they do. I gather they play around with a few interesting things and get out bush a bit too.

Any specific questions ring the contact on the description, don't ask me, I'm only sharing it because I'm aware of it and thought it might be a good opportunity for someone here.


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