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I know that the Vapor phase reflow topic has been discussed a fair bit, but I have specific question.
Does anyone on here have the Vaporflow 275 vapour phase reflow oven?



At work we purchased a Imdes mini which we purchased specifically for making just a few prototypes.

I used this to produce maybe 100 plus board which all came out perfectly. I was amazed. No tombstoning , no issues at all. Boards were about 50x80 in panels of four with about 100+ components, mainly 0603, SOIC and connectors, nothing too demanding.

I would like to buy a Vapor phase oven to use for prototypes and small production runs (Maybe 100 boards per month).
I just want to hear from anyone who has one of the Vaporflow 275 ovens, and to see what they think of it.
It seems a lot of money for almost hobby use. Or do I make my own??? LOL ;D



Basically I just want to find out if for the cost of the VaporFlow 275, is it worth it?
Only really seems to be two options (Manufacturers) for a budget unit (Compared to commercial units) that are available.


Hi Paul
I have a three  IMDES MINI machines . very good.

I'll never go back to using an oven ever. My boards 8-12 layers, BGA, never ever had a issue...
always SAC305, 230degC Galden.
Dont let the fluid be too high- dont fill higher than the provided gauge measure.

How much is the Vaporflow 275 ???


I own a VaporPhase 275 since the end of 2022. It is a well-built device that I use for prototypes and very small runs of existing designs after changes in hardware. Before that I used a pimped-up toaster oven (isolation, controller)

What I like about the 275 is the set and forget aspect. I just shove a board in, start the fume extractor and the solder cycle and come back 10 minutes later to find it soldered. I never see tombstoning. I do see solder balling, but that has to do a lot with the type, age (water content) and amount (thickness of stencil) of paste used and with temperature profile. The default profile is a bit too quick IMO. OTOH, solder balls are easily removed using a (EDS safe) brush so not a real problem. Solder balls usually appear next to 'larger' components like C's and R's, and not next to .4mm pitched IC's.

A year in I find that the 275 was certainly worth the money, as it makes the solder step in my workflow a lot easier and predictable than it used to be. If it breaks I'll buy it again (after a discussion with Eleshop :).

When I got it there was no VaporFlow 480 which for my use was no issue. But if you use the oven to make a hundred PCB's per month the 480 probably makes more sense.


Hi Paul,

Thank you for your reply, I really appreciate it. Its really good to hear from someone taht actually owns one. It strange because their does not seem to be any reviews online or on YouTube etc.
Its good to hear that its a well built machine and works well. I think for me the 480 is just too costly for what I would use it for, the 275 is also slightly higher than I would like to pay, but at a push, I would get one.
Can I ask a you few questions.

1, When creating a custom profile, is it limited to the number of steps you can enter? I can see that you can create steps to end on a temperature endpoint of a timed step but is is limited to how many steps you can have for one profile?
2, If creating a cooling step, can you enter a percentage power (or speed) to the fans, such a 80% or is the fan control limited to simply on or off? I assume you can end a cooling step by time or a temp setpoint.
3, I believe the 275 only has one TC inside the chamber. How far above the bottom is it and typically how far above the top of the LS230 fluid is it, and lastly, how far is it above the wire rack is it?

oh, one more question what fume extractor do you use with it? I would certainly need one as well!

I hope you don't mind me asking. Its would be great for me to know this.

Thanks for your time. I think this will help me decide if I will buy one or not.



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