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Tesla MAC199/MAE299/MAB399 and MAC01 : teardown and tests

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I do agree that it's impossible to tell what is what.

Here are some extra points - LTZ module itself is stable, it was tested over 2 weeks non-stop, both with temperatures ramp from +23.4C (calibrated point) to +50C and back. Here's older graph data, taken with 3458. Sorry, graph JS does take a bit to load, it's showing every sample over 7 days period. So I verdit effect of ramping from thermal EMFs on connections and ambient rise. To confirm this, I just turned on TEC SMU to bring LTZ chamber box temperature to stable +23.4°C (ambient is +30.4°C right now).

Dip on 18:15 was aircon in the room, which was turn on for 30 minutes. All other times - no aircon, just ambient temp. You don't see temperature plot (AD590 on TCSCAN board) on the graph in post above, but it's on live page, blue line.

This 2002 should be rather stable at given temperature, as I have it often turned on and running at least half of the each week.

I'll have this running this night as it is, and perhaps tomorrow night I'll change meter to 3458, just for comparisons. Scan card and setup will be still in 2002, the only difference would be output of scan card routed not to back of 2002, but to 3458 instead.

It's amazing that you have a live chart. ;D
The thick orange curve is going up all the time, indicating either the LTZ1000 is going up, or the meter is going down.
I redraw the chart regarding ch10 as constant. Left vertical is in ppm.
1. The noise a bit high at about 1ppm pp
2. The downward change must be the meter
3. The wave-shaped curves must be the meter too as those 399 are unlikely to perform in the same pattern.
4. ch5 is the worst
5. My chart was drawn in Excel and show all the raw data, no smoothing or averaging involved.


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