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PICkit3 - linux command line programmer.... when....
« on: February 09, 2011, 10:13:24 pm »
from Re: Wanting to begin using Atmel

As far as the usefulness of command tools are concerned you should review the end of Dave's Pickit 3 rant, he was missing the stand alone tool for the Pickit 2 and while a version for the Pickit 3 has been promised it has AFAIK not been delivered so far. ;)

I heard it finally came out last week.


When is a linux command line programmer going to come out (/are ever going to make one?

Currently I have not got a PICkit2 or PICkit3 as if I ever want to use mplabx on linux to debug it has to be with the pickit3 not the pickit2. However most of the time I just want my make file to be able to call the compiler and call a programmer for the device.

It would be nice if the PICkit3 could just pretend to be a PICkit2 some times.... then I might know which one to get.
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