Author Topic: PICKIT3 standalone programmer/scripting tool 3.0 (beta) issues with PIC32MX1/2  (Read 4438 times)

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I seem to be having problems using the new PICKIT3 Scripting tool v3.00 BETA and the PIC32MX1/2 series (or at least the PIC32MX250F128D) . This is my first attempt with the PIC32 series and so I wired it will all the necessary connections (including decoupling caps between VDD and VSS and  10uF tantalum on  VCAP/VDDCORE) on a general purpose (aka prototyping) board. Everytime I attempted detection of the PIC32MX on my development board it would fail asking me to check  the capacitor on VCAP. I verified and re-verified the connections and the darn thing would still not detect it. After wasting more than a couple of hours and considering the possibility of having a spoiled uC, I just fired up MPLAB and voila it detected the device.  I was able to get a basic LED test routine working without issues.

So it looks like the PICKIT3 Scripting tool has issues with the PIC32MX1/2.

I am posting this just to ensure that others do not run into the same problem.

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My understanding is - without having verified though, that the scripting tool is a direct port of the pickit 2 script and as such does not support the PIC32MX1/2 family.  Last time I looked there certainly was not support for these pics with the Pickit  2 and microchip's wares.

However there is an open source app though that will program these parts with the pickit 2.

And a debugger by the same author:

The author of these apps "expects" them to work with the pickit 3 when loaded with the scripting tool.

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The last version of PIC32Prog adds support for MX1/MX2 family. Finally, I can use my Pickit2 to program them. Thanks Serge!

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