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Zilog announced end of life of Z80, but it is still being manufactured as of now!  8)

--- "Last time buy orders will be accepted until June 14th, 2024."

Maybe I should order a couple of them with a cool last production date code of 2024 as the memorabilia items.

Zilog brand apparently belongs to Littelfuse these days.

The votes are in. 6502 outlasts Z80 [1].

Z80 cores will still be in other chips -- it's just the DIP40 (etc?) bare CPU that is going away.

[1] To be fair that's 65C02, the NMOS chip went away a long time ago. And there will still be eZ80.

Incredible lifetime!

My very first commercial embedded project used a Z80. Then I fell in love with the 6809. Then the PIC.  A couple of decades after that first one, Zilog was pushing a Z80-based microcontroller, and had a giveaway for a design contest. I got a kit. Then I wrote to them that it had a dead short across the power supply, and they sent a replacement.  That one didn't work either.  And that was my last Zilog experience. I'm still sad about that. It was a better 8080, and those days are long in the past now.

Zilog could at least wait until March 2026, just to give the Z80 a 50 year lifetime.
Federico Faggin first came up with the idea for the Z80 in 1974, so I suppose it just about has its 50 years, though the first actual Z80's were born in 1976.
I cut my teeth on the Z80 and have since purchased many thousands for control products.

R.I.P Z80. 


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