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3-phase TR rectifier I/O controller design
« on: May 29, 2018, 01:24:43 am »
Hi there,
I have been back to high power design.
My system contains 3phase, 380V, 50Hz  ac input, secondary surge protector, Aux Tr ( single phase, 380V/220V, 300VA), phase transformer( 3ph, 380v/12v,0v,12v,100VA) and a main transformer ( 3ph, 380V/9V,18V,800VA),
SCR(1600V, 50A) bridge, DC reactor( DC 20V,20A). Rectifier output should be DC 20V 20A.
My requested EVM should be,
1. PTR secondary windings  phase, amplitude and rating controller.
2. MTRs secondary fuse (690V, 32 A)  sensing
3. SCRs switching controller.
4. 50mlV, 30A shunt sensing,
5. GPS communication,
6. RSM
7. LAN
8. Display....etc,
Kindly recommend me one.
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