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Dyson V10 wont give power to brush motor

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Hope for your help.
I have got problem "not spinning any brush" with Dyson V10 Animal.
Everything works fine, except brushes.
I found in internet a self-made schema of similar VC (not sure it fully correct). I also got V17 from a friend of mine for testing.
What I have done before this topic:
With an oscilloscope I checked what was going on when V10/V17 starts without connected brush.
And I got a same graph pattern on both VCs.
On good V17 pcb starts PWM output voltage on terminals (16 volts).
On broken V10 with connected brush : tries to start for short amount of time and instantly stops (by graph on oscilloscope same as like it not connected)
And I swapped U24, and U13 (ICs on schema) from V17 to V10 . And this ICs is absolutely OK.
At this point I can assume that V10 can't see a connected accessory brush.

 Unfortunately, lack of knowledge can't lead me to solution. I cant't understand how V10 get OK signal when brush connected.
 Hope that somebody helps me find a solution.
 Regards, Andy

m k:
Rotation feedback is a normal thing.
So without feedback the motor is stuck, despite what actually happens.

Thanks for your reply.
I know that mainboard sens connected motor and checks rotation while it spinning.
Issue that VC mainboard cant detect connected brush motor or thinks that it stuck.
Brush motor absolutely ok. I've got two of them and they works fine with another VC.

m k:
Maybe it's the other end of the trace, or the trace it self.

There can also be a load check.
Usually it's for over current, but can be for under current, at least in theory.

my v10 doesn't work now, it makes a "boing" then stop, how can I figure it out?


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