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Smith Corona Messenger Module Repair
« on: October 21, 2019, 09:06:12 pm »
I recently purchased a 'Smith Corona' messenger module. A device which is supposed to interface RS232/Serial or Centronics LPT printer to a Smith Corona typewriter. And allow it to function as a printer. The goal of which is for another project.

When I plugged in the device, stupidly, without testing the components first, I was greeted with a nice puff of blue smoke. After opening the case and exposing the board, it appears that an inductor has burnt out.

I understand that inductors burning out tend to be caused by another inline component, I've placed an order of all the capacitors on the board, however my question is this:

How could I determine what rating the inductor was? It appears to say 10uH, but I believe there may be more to it than that? It looks like the inductor is in series with the large 1000uf capacitor, thus making a LC / tank circuit? Is there a way to work backwards to determine what the component should be?

[Left side of photo (bottom) has been flipped horizontally to overlay with the top side of the board]

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