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Tektronix TCP202 current probe repair - Schematic and suggestions needed

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The probe output is constantly at 2 Volts.
Possibly the internal negative voltage is gone.

I have double checked with other probes and other power supplies.
I believe the problem is in the probe.

Does anyone have a schematic diagram or suggestions?

Anders J

Have you got the manual:

Can't seem to find any repair threads on them.  :-//

Yes, I have the users manual.
No schematics unfortunately.

Do you have any pictures of the internals, both the probe and the plug end?

Maybe this way we could help. I don't have TCP202, but I have A6302 with AM503 and AM503B amplifiers, so maybe there are some similarities. AFAIR TCP202 doesn't have the 50 Ohm amplifier with ranges and whatnot that standalone units use and terminates into 1M straight into the scope and relies on the scope frontend on AC/DC and ranges.

Here is picture of the opened compensation box.
The SO8 next to the OP27 is damaged, and the part number is partially gone.
The part number seems to end with "58", possibly prefixed by a "4".
Could be a LM1458.

Does anyone have a TCP202 they could open and verify this?


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