Author Topic: eakins scopes 2 styles (black and white), difference?  (Read 2023 times)

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eakins scopes 2 styles (black and white), difference?
« on: February 23, 2022, 07:26:18 pm »
im looking to setup a few stations for starting out a few people to learn on and am looking at the eakins normal microscopes many use i know they are not top of the line stuff but these are for teaching a few people starting out and i think they will perform fine (or amscope, vision scientific etc) for the purposes. one thing im curious about is i see they offer a black and a white version and then a second black version. the white has the sloped mount where the light ring attaches similar to the amscope design but doesnt need the adapter like the amscope (i dont think) and the black one has a straight mount there which is not sloped as well as the case design is a bit different. then there is a second black one which has the sloped sides similar to the white one.

anyone know the actual differences between these?


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Re: eakins scopes 2 styles (black and white), difference?
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2022, 04:18:46 pm »

here´s a Link to, seemingly the original manufacturer of all these Amprobe, Eakins, Swift and all other expensive european microscopes.
Here the SZM7045N(T) and XT series are of interest. Somewhere on the website they simply state that the N stands for ´New´, but technically still the same.
The new ones have the focusing dial knobs to the left and right side to the front, while the earlier versions have them to the back.
The earler XT series features a conical flange for the LED ringlight, the N-types the cylindrical flange.

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Re: eakins scopes 2 styles (black and white), difference?
« Reply #2 on: March 23, 2023, 11:01:25 pm »
Since I was directed towards the Eakins stereo microscope in another current thread started by myself (but not initially associated with the type of a m-scope in question) I decided to check out of curiosity if there really was any difference between the two most common models (actually there are more of them) of the 'YUYAO DAGONG INSTRUMENT CO.,LTD.' who apparently are the OEM for the variety of microscope brands found on the Asian Internet market places and perhaps elsewhere.

On the manufacturer's site it's indeed suggested that 'SZM7045N' with the zoom knobs closer to the front is a new design for the 'SZM7045 Series' (zoom knobs at the back) with the only difference being 'the fresh shape' while maintaining '...the same technical parameters...'.

I also contacted the Eakins AliExpress seller and he replied that the new model was an optically enhanced design compared to the older SZM7045 model. It's hard to tell where he got that information from but here is his response on the SZM7045N (front zoom knobs): 'This is a new model with better effects, improved field of view and light input'.

Since hardly anyone will be interested in buying two Eakins scopes (the older and the new models) just to find out how they compare against each other the mistery of the new model performance 'improvements' is probably going to be solved only by accident or perhaps some local dealers in the US or Europe (if there are any) could share their observations in respect to the image quality of both the old and new models.

As an off-topic I can relate this forum members' experience with the YUYAO DAGONG microscopes to the amateur astronomy community where the new generation of the Chinese made telescopes especially ED glass refractors are confirmed to be of the outstanding optical and mechanical quality for the money. Everyone in that community (think the 'Cloudy Nights' forum) now knows who are Kunming Optical and what wonderful astro scopes they make. However in the Astro community we are talking about the major instrument for the hobby while here on the electronics forum the YUYAO DAGONG microscope is just another useful device... for some of us.
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