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DIY RF EMC Biconic Antenna

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The next step is to make the shorting bars and brackets.   These damp oscillations within the loops formed by the 6 elements. 
This could be easy or it could be complicated.  I chose complicated.
I have extended the snap-together theme to the shorting bars. 

The brackets will connect the shorting bar to one element and the central bar.  They will be held in place with the sprung ball detents.

The centre bar is offset so the ball is over-centre to keep it in place in the slot. The shorting bar has a flat that the ball rides in. This will allow the distance between the brackets to vary a few millimeters without having to stress anything.

Simple really.   Now I just have to make them.

I have started to make the over engineered, overly complex brackets for the biconic shorting bars.
I am only making 4 brackets, enough for one antenna, as prototypes. If they meet expectations, I will make another 4 for the 2nd antenna.

The picture shows a setup for drilling holes in a precise location and depth.

the real antenna costs thousands of dollars so I am sure you should feel bad about not using coat hangers to short it out

its OK

you won't get people off your back unless you figure out how to do it with bailing wire. but then someone will tell you that your wasting bailing wire because you don't need an antenna.

A rational person would pay the thousands for a tested, proven, calibrated antenna, but I never pretended to be rational.

ehhhhhh I bet it will be pretty close. That kind of stuff is when someone thinks a business deal or law suit problems. I bet its more brand name then anything (vouching). cover your ass by over spending so to speak. like board room upper management paranoia.

RF sales + federal authorities + lawyers + statements = insanity with a wallet

Its kind of funny with RF because it all changes if you just move it physically. Something that stays in place is way more justified for high cost/precision/checking (i.e.power company connectors)


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