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HAMS - Where do you buy your watertight "Outdoor Balun" boxes ?

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I see all those nice DIY Balun's mounted in those "white plastic boxes w. gaskets".
What do i search for ??

I'd prefer some generic names/phrases , and not Digikey/Mouser etc. , as shipping + fees would make that impractical for me.
I have looked at electronic juncttion boxes , but they tend to have "semi pre cut holes".

Or maybe hints to eBay or Ali ...


Search eBay for "ABS waterproof enclosure", you'll find plenty of options.

Example from here in the UK: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/314120788134

Depending on the power you want to use, you might want to oversize the box so there's some room for air circulation inside, baluns get hot.

Search for Raculety Project Box IP65 Waterproof Junction Box.

I drill a 2mm hole in the bottom of my balun boxes.  There is always some breathing of enclosures over time due to temperature cycling.  It'll take years to be a problem, but eventually water finds a way in and then can't get out.  A small hole allows enough air circulation without allowing insects in.

Not worth obsessing over water-tightness, just make sure the hole is on the bottom and it won't fill up :)

If the hole bothers you, I tend to see ePTFE stickers ("adhesive vents") slapped over them in industrial settings. It won't stop water vapor from getting in and condensing, but it won't stop water vapor from evaporating out either, and it will probably stop insect life from building a nest in your box.


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