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Keithley 177 in Japan (100v, 50Hz)

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--- Quote from: J-R on December 05, 2022, 07:51:38 am ---So if there is a fault with a non-double-insulated device, it is safer if you are the path to ground, rather than a grounding rod, got it.

--- End quote ---

Personally I wouldn't work on such an item without a CPC integrated into the fixed wiring, and an RCBO protecting the circuit. Making the workbench the path to ground is a bad idea, since there's a fair chance that you'll be the link between the DUT and the bench at some point.

For this particular piece of TE in this particular circumstance the safest way to use it is just to not bother with the CPC, since its only apparent function is to connect the transformer interwinding screen to earth ground.[/colour]

TERRA Operative:
The Japanese electrical system is a 200V split-phase (for 100V per leg) system with earth leakage breaker protecting all circuits in every system I've seen so far (including decades old installations).

Running the device without an earth should be ok IMO with suitable precautions (but I do not recommend it if the user is not familiar with electrical safety) and basically the only way to do so in most houses here in Japan, unless using the gear in the kitchen or laundry areas where the only earthed outlets are usually located, if the building isn't too old...
I opted to get all consents (Japanese for power outlet) earthed when I built my house but not everyone has that luxury.
If the OP lives in a mansion (Japanese for apartment block or condo), it may not be possible to run an earth wire to an earth stake in the ground. Finding an earthed outlet or water pipe may be the only way.

The other option would be an isolation transformer, they are available from Akihabara etc, or mail-order if not near a suitable electronics store.


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