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This warning applies to ALL customers of Keysight that are NOT either an Incorporated Business or VAT Registered.  I have a few instruments that I bought new through Keysight distributors & have never had a problem with Keysight UK untli now.
In 2018 I bought a 34470A plus a DSOX4024A (the scope thanks to a 30% trade in offer by Keysight) plus a U1241C later in the year. I get the 34470A calibrated at approximately 18 month intervals until now. This month I checked the price & then filled out the online forms to arrange collection plus get a pro forma invoice in order to pay the almost £200 cost. 

It seems that Keysight Corporate were very happy to take my money for instruments but are completely unwilling to actually supply any form of service because I am not a suitable customer for their products. I did send them an email explaining my reasons for buying their equipment plus my 40 years experience in the electronics industry.  This elicited a phone call from Germany apologising for their behaviour but still refusing to actually calibrate my 34470A.

This is the cut & paste from their message:

Dear Phil
I'm really sorry but I need to provide you with the following information as we are no longer able to service your equipment:
Keysight products are designed, manufactured, and tested for professional and industrial use. They are not designed or tested for use by Consumers. While we thank you for your interest in our products, we are unable to supply them to you nor are we able to provide support for those products.
Should you have questions, please call 0800 0260637 or send an email to

Best regards
Keysight Technologies UK Limited

You have been warned!
 There is a similar post in the Buy/Sell/Wanted section relating to spare parts & buying from Keysight but htis specifially relates to SERVICE & CALIBRATION.



Hmmm ... Shouldn't this be in the Test Equipment?

Either way it's appalling!


Now people need a "Right to calibrate"  :box:

Sigh. I used to say "HP is alive and well, but is now called Agilent Keysight". That's becoming more difficult.

Sounds like an opportunity for someone to set up a shell company :(

I suppose it is very difficult to factor in 'good will' to a business model?


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