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CP/M system with PS/2 keyboard, TV Out powered by Arduino Nano

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I want to present to you my vintage computing related project cpm4nano - a complete CP/M system based on Arduino Nano 3.0.
Currently one Arduino Nano in my project:
- emulates the Intel 8080 processor (all tests succesfully executed), 64 KBytes RAM (with two FRAM chips) + 4 FDD (with SDHC card);
- with the help of the PS/2-UART converter on STM8 allows you to enter information from the keyboard;
- displays text information on the TV screen (20 rows with 45 cols) without jitter (with duplication of information to the PC through serial channel);
- receives data from the PC through serial channel (and uploads files from the PC using the XMODEM protocol);
- loads the OS CP/M and runs its programs. 

Chars appearance:
on LCD TV:

on CRT TV:

StarTrek game on CRT TV:

Ada compiler in action (on terminal program):

Some CPU tests (on terminal program):

Video (start, CP/M loading, CPU test, Tiny Basic) (on terminal program):

Project homepage - on russian, but if you are interested, then I can tell you more about this project.

Love the "case",  ;)


--- Quote from: alpher on October 28, 2019, 04:54:16 pm ---Love the "case",  ;)

--- End quote ---
True handmade  :)

 Needs must - it's like this temporary control panel I had on my model railroad - which lasted until I tore it down to move.

Sides of the case:


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