121GW Multimeter

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A unique, feature packed Multimeter which has been developed with electronics designers and hobbyists in mind.
This multimeter represents two years of collaboration between EEVblog and UEI.

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Designed for electronics use, with unique features such as:

  • Bluetooth connectivity (multi-device capability)
  • Open Source Cross Platform application software (Android + Windows, and more soon)
  • 15V Diode Test Voltage (useful for Zeners + LED strings etc)
  • VA Power measurement
  • Low Burden™ voltage
  • Unique burden voltage display
  • Micro SD Card data logging + firmware updating

Other major features include:

  • Dual 50,000 count display with bargraph
  • 0.05% + 5 Basic DCV Accuracy
  • Auto-Hold measurement
  • 600V CAT-III with independent UL 61010 certification by ETL
  • Safe operation through HRC fuse + TVS + PTC + MOV + Diode Bridge protection

Hardware Features:

  • AD8436 >100KHz True RMS
  • 4 x AA battery powered with 500+ hr battery life
  • Compact design – 84 × 165 × 59 mm (W × L × H)
  • Hackable ST ARM Cortex M3 processor (S-LINK/V2 programmer interface inside)
  • Hycon HY3131 chipset
  • MAX4238 Low Offset Amplifier for current ranges
  • SD Card firmware update
  • Full Open Schematic available
  • 8ppm ADR3412 voltage reference

The meter is manufactured by UEI Test Instruments, a reputable US based designer and manufacturer of high quality test gear. The design work was primarily done by UEI, but with a great deal of design input and direction from Dave. The meter is manufactured in South Korea.

Additional information

Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 22 x 15 x 10 cm


Manual Circuit diagram


Note: When upgrading a multimeter the “.bin” file must be renamed “EEVBlog.bin”:

EEVBlog1_22 EEVBlog1_21 EEVBlog1_17 EEVBlog1_15 EEVBlog1_10 EEVBlog1_07 EEVBlog1_05 EEVBlog1_04 EEVBlog1_02 EEVBlog1_00


UEi’s Android App
Android App
Windows App



BLE Packet Format

121GW BLE Packet Format V1

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