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    Rigol MSO5000 Bug Bonanza

    Not good enough for a numbered video. 40 minutes of Dave rambling about some bugs in the new Rigol MSO5000 scope in the Logic Analsyer, serial decoder, and possibly the Auto mode trigger system. If you don’t like this style of rambling video, don’t watch. NOTE: This is potentially a ...

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    EEVblog #1148 – Mailbag

    Mailbag Monday Yes, I know the lighting and sound isn’t great yet in the new lab, working on it. Forum HERE SPOILERS: Awesome recreations of the Byte front covers https://www.galacticstudios.org/byte-magazine-cover/ http://www.vintagefreeware.com/bytecvrs.htm Expanded scale 5V voltmeter Russian multimeter and calculator Casio Data-Cal 50 calculator Nintendo 64 N64RGB upgrade board http://etim.net.au/n64rgb/instructions-new/ Delay ...

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