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    EEVblog 1487 – Do Solar Micro Inverters Take Power at Night?

    How much power do Enphase and other solar micro inverters draw at night time when switched off? It’s actually a very interesting question involving real and apparent/reactive power, the system topology, and whether your storage battery is on-grid or off-grid, and also its efficiency curve. Let’s measure it, do some ...

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    EEVblog 1485 – PedalCell CadenceX Bike Generator LOL FAIL!

    The failed PedalCell CadenceX Bike Generator from the previous mailbag video is tested, torn down, analysed, hilrariously laughed at, and dodgily repaired. https://pedalcell.com/ 00:00 – Failed Pedalcell generator – getting the pinout 02:00 – The PCB 02:40 – Oscilloscope rotation test 03:45 – Dremel speed Captain! 04:22 – Generator teardown ...

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    EEVblog 1483 – Holy Mailbag Bomb Batman!

    Bumper Mailbag! Forum: https://www.eevblog.com/forum/blog/eevblog-1483-holy-mailbag-bomb-batman/ SPOILERS: 00:00 – Contact Harald Covid Bluetooth Tracing 04:24 – Kaba Mas X09 High Security Electronic Tumbler Lock Teardown 16:53 – Failed PedalCell CadenceX Bike USB Power Generator 18:00 – Odysee vs Patreon for supporting creators 19:06 – PedalCell CadenceX Teardown 26:54 – TikStation Breadboard USB ...

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