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    EEVblog #896 – Space Electronics

    Dave talks with Karsten Becker from PT Scientists about the electronics on board the Audi Quattro Lunar Rover, and space electronics in general. Radiation, thermal design, camera systems, power supplies and more. Forum HERE EEVblog #896 - Space Electronics [ 0.01 MB ] Download (3789)

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    EEVblog #895 – BEC Pro Model Airplane Regulator Testing

    Dave tests the Castle Creations CC BEC Pro battery eliminator used in model airplanes to see if it meets is rated continuous current performance claims. Also a bit of a how-to on testing regulators like this, 4 terminal load sensing error reduction is demonstrated. Airflow and thermal camera measuremements are ...

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    EEVblog #893 – Mailbag

    More Mailbag Monday Forum HERE SPOILERS: Infinity PV organic printed solar cells: Panasonic 840 JE-840U calculator teardown LED controller car computer thingo teardown Old school parallel port software protection dongle teardown World’s first logic IC! The Fairchild µL900 series, as used in the Apollo guidance computer. Dave is taken to ...

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    EEVblog #892 – Siglent SSA3021X Spectrum Analyser Teardown

    A very detailed look inside the new Siglent SSA3021X 3.2GHz Spectrum Analyser. The entire RF section is broken down and analysed in depth with a block diagram overlay. Forum HERE Keysight AN150 App Note Datasheets: AM3352 mic5209 LMH6517 hmc307 HMC832 hmc976 hmc860 HMC284 hmc488 hmc716 VSWA2-63DR+ hmc703 hmc189a V600ME14-LF hmc860 ...

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