EEVblog 1583 – Advanced Oscilloscope Triggering: Glitch/Pulse/Runt/Interval

A practical demonstration on how to use advanced oscillocope trigger features to trigger on an unsynchronised infrequent runt/glitch pulse.
Includes Pulse/Glitch, Runt, Interval, Zone triggering, and infinite persistence display, and waveform update speed demonstrated and explained.
Using the Rohde & Schwarz MXO4, Siglent SDS2154X HD, Keysight 3000T, Tektronix Series 2, and the Rigol DHO800.

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00:00 – Advanced oscilloscope triggering features
00:27 – The test glitch signal
01:25 – Infinite persistence mode is your first tool
02:33 – How to estimate how often you can cature this
04:39 – DaveCAD drawing of how capture windows work
05:45 – This is NOT about trigger level
06:53 – Demonstration of using Glitch/Pulse capture on the MXO4
09:46 – This glitch is actually a Runt pulse
11:31 – Can you use History mode? Yeah, but good luck…
12:47 – Interval Trigger Mode on the MXO4
13:37 – Check this out! We found another hidden glitch pulse
14:23 – Siglent SDS2354X HD
16:14 – You don’t need an expensive scope! The Rigol DHO800
17:34 – Keysight 3000T
17:47 – This is a non-synchronous free running organic glitch
18:36 – Tektronix 2 Series
18:57 – Can you use Zone Triggering? Yeah, nah.

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