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    EEVblog #1087 – UNBELIEVABLE Alesis Studio Monitor Fault!

    An unbelievable fault in Dave’s Alesis M1 Active 520USB powered studio monitor speaker. Can you discover the culprit before Dave does? This was supposed to be a boring trivial repair of a power LED, but it turned into something much more interesting. Forum HERE Teardown VIDEO Podcast: Download

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    EEVblog #1085 – Bypass Capacitors Visualised!

    An in-depth practical visualisation of how bypass capacitors work at both high and low frequencies. Bulk decoupling capacitors vs bypass capacitors. Capacitor placement and types are tested and the results examined. How package inductance can have a large effect. Loop area and what is means, it’s impact on EMC emissions, ...

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    EEVblog #1083 – Pocket Multimeter Shootout

    14 pocket multimeters from $8 to $65 are torn down and compared for feature set and build quality. Ranging in price from $8 to $65, which one is the best in each price category? Part 2 coming tomorrow. Timestamps: 6:07 XB866 Wun Hung Lo 9:42 ANENG AN8203 15:47 $10 Shootout ...

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