EEVblog #29 – Audiophile Audiophoolery

Dave cuts loose on the Golden Ear Audiophiles and all their Audiophoolery rubbish.
Panasonic gets a serve too, or is that applause?
The Blue Jeans cable LINK

And Kurt Denke’s response to the infamous letter: LINK

The Panasonic design guide is HERE and the rest of it HERE
Post your best Audiophool product links in the comments!

Thanks to Steve Macatee from Rane Corporation for pointing out this must-have bit of gear for every Audiophool!

Check out this awesome Audiophool product!: Blackbody

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    • Samantha

      Just a quick note: There is a kernel of truth with regards to S/PDIF signal quality. The problem is that S/PDIF carries the clock signal with it so if there’s significant jitter in the S/PDIF connection the DAC can have timing problems which can audibly butcher the analog output.

      This, of course, assumes that the DAC in question has poor or no clock recovery circuitry. Of course, a DAC without clock recovery circuitry is absolutely unforgivable given that the S/PDIF controller chips (almost?) universally have clock recovery circuits built in and there’s no good reason to ever bypass them!

      Okay, maybe there is if you’re using an external asynchronous clock resampling chip or some other way of getting rid of jitter. Or maybe it’s a pure digital recorder when the jitter doesn’t matter a whit.

      Point is, I *have* seen S/PDIF DACs that actually use the S/PDIF’s clock to time the DAC chips. The MUSE Audio TDA1543x4 is one such shameful example. It’s a cheap Chinese hack job but the joke is that it uses, or at least claims to use, the very high quality TI DIR9001 S/PDIF receiver chip which costs three bucks a pop even at volume and has a rated clock recovery accuracy of under 50 picoseconds which is WELL within requirements. Of course, to use that clock recovery function you need a local clock source and there’s not a crystal in sight!

    • Audiophool

      Go here, read all the articles, then come back, and discuss further:

    • Sam
    • Simeon Petkov
    • PB

      The morons who perpertuate this audiophool nonsens should be eradicated from the gene pool. They claim to be ‘music lovers’ but are only interested in the equipment. The music is almost entirely incidental. These people are basically members of a kind of cult who live in a world of utter delusion. They belong in the same class of half-wit who believes the world is less than 6000 years old.
      Humans might be intelligent, but we ain’t rational. Much like dogs, really.

    • Damian Whiteley

      Bought a second hand Yamaha soundbar for my TV and the guy generously gave me his gold plated optical cable, I nearly shit myself laughing.

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