• Useful Resistor Calculation Tool

    Who needs a resistor calculation tool?
    Well, if you’ve ever tried to make up an odd-ball series or parallel resistor values to a desired accuracy from various E series ranges then you’ll know how annoying it can be, especially if you have to to do it over and over.
    I wrote a tool once that did this, but was fairly limited.
    I’ve been searching for a long time for a similar tool and I finally found one that worked just the way I wanted it to. It’s called Resistor CAD 2.0 by Terry Harris from Vader Systems.

    Vader Systems doesn’t seem to be around any more, and the program was free, but now seems almost impossible to find. So I’ve put it on my server to share this really useful tool.

    Download it HERE

    There is also a similar online one HERE, but it’s fairly limited.

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      • Andreas

        MiscEl contains a lot of electronic an non electronic calculations. Including the resistor calculator with schematic.


      • Mike

        Great one! nice to see some trade-specific software ;))

      • Janne

        I wrote something similar at the past, see


        It doesn’t have series optimization, but it has some nice features, like parallel resistor combinations with divider (of course the search space grows too large to complete in reasonable time easily), possibility to create custom resistor series, and disabling of some not-wanted values.


      • I find javascript on a web page to be an extremely easy and fast way to create time saving calculators. It is now possible to do full graphics.


      • someonesdad

        Here’s another resistor tool:

      • Lou Fabs

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