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EEVblog #1029 – BGA PCB Fanout

Dave looks at some issues with fanning out tiny 0.4mm pitch BGA packages, via pad ...

  • Raff.

    Excellent, thanks Dave.
    But where were the pinball machines 🙂

  • That scanning machine is kick ass. I am a bit ashamed to say that I had never even heard of the company before today, especially since they are apparently so big. But as you say that just might be some creative number crunching to get that figure.

  • Brizzy Mike

    Good stuff. Enjoying this coverage.

  • Dan

    Just like Alan, I had never heard of Renesas. I don’t run a massively popular blog though! I’ll be sure to look into renesas, as they might become the future. You’ll have to do a blog on the different manufacturers sometime, mentioning their strengths etc…

  • John Dowdell

    I can’t remember what the topic was but a little while ago (on this blog i think) i suggested that in the next couple of years that Renesas are really going to become a major force in “western” countries. Renesas came from Hitachi and Mitsubishi and have now merged with NEC.
    They appear to have marketed to, up until now, Asia (where there is a lot of people).
    Our vendors started pitching Renesas product to us in 2006. I beleive that now, with the NEC merger, Renesas marketing is going to make a big push into markets that “havn’t heard of them”
    On Australian folding: our cash can go through the wash just fine which is great because i always forget to check my pockets. (insert joke about laundering money here).
    What Dave didn’t say was that if it does happen to get a cut, it’ll just slice right through (so you put a pit of tape over the cut).
    I beleive they changed the $5 note ‘cos of the joke people did with the queen’s image.
    When we recycle our money it goes into making plastic garbage bins and the like 🙂


  • peet

    at 2:42 someone powers up a xbox360 and logs into an account 😀

    dave, did they play there

  • LoneTech

    For all you people who haven’t heard of Renesas – don’t feel too bad. They’re a fairly recent combination of most of the asian MCU market. That SuperH they mentioned came from Hitachi, for instance – it was the CPU of the Sega Dreamcast, and the 16-bit relative H8 was used in Lego RCX. Newer generations tend to be named R something. Most of the places they’re used are likely where we never looked.

  • Dimlow

    Dave, there is Open Hardware and Open Source Software. There is No Open Source Hardware. Your confusing people!!!

  • Aki

    The USDs are made of hemp, so it is biodegradable ie. “green” in every respect.

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