• EEVblog #125 – Soup to Nuts with Free Software

    A presentation by DJ Delorie called Soup to Nuts with Free Software. It highlights the current state of free open source software for end-to-end engineering and personal use. Operating systems, EDA tools, office tools etc
    Recorded at the Renesas Devcon 2010 event.

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      • L

        Looks pretty interesting but the constant background noise is so terrible that I won’t watch this.

        Thanks anyways.

      • Zizzle

        Good to see the free tools and philosophy getting some exposure.

        I used DJGPP a little while a starving student in the late ’90s looking for a way to write some GUI apps for my electronics tinkering. Unfortunately it couldn’t really do what I want back then. So I ended up switching to Linux and dumping Windows entirely. It was a painful transition and learning curve back then, but well worth it.

        All hackers/makers/tinkers/hobbyists should appreciate free tools and software. Getting to see the internals for curiosity or for adding your own teaks. Getting to re-purpose other people’s code to help kick start your own projects. It just fits with the ethic.

        It sucks to be locked into some windows only, deliberately hobbled (size or feature limited), buggy IDE.

        Just say no to that hardware or MCU.

        Fortunately the AVR tool chain is great under Linux and just an apt-get away. ARM is good. msp-gcc seems to do ok as well. Eclipse or emacs does the job.

      • person

        Hey Dave,

        I had to apply filtering on the audio to be able so see this video, even with filtering it was bad quality but perceptible.

        For the next time do some processing before upload the video.

        But, I huge fan of your work.

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