• EEVblog #131 – Live Show #7

    Sorry, no chat window overlay, it got corrupted.
    Mostly almost 2 hours of Q&A, so a good one to listen to instead of watching. Just start watching when you hear something interesting happen!, like when Dave opens up his 1980’s vintage LED clock project.

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      • Strube09

        Schematic from the clock posted anywhere yet?


        • dekemp

          I just wanted to ask the same. I love ttl clocks, realy need to invest more time in electronics. time, time, time you never have enough of it.

        • I’d like to have a look at your TTL clock as well. I’m curious to how you generate the 1Hz puls from the net frequency.

          Great live show btw, los of interesting questions and answers. 🙂

        • I had a look at home but couldn’t find it. I need a more in-depth search, I know it’s around somewhere…

      • Ben

        @minute 16 someone asks if he should study “informatics” or “electrotechnics”.
        Sounds like a German who meant to ask if he/she should sttudy computer science or electrical engineering 😉

      • Ben

        ok, should’ve listend until some minute later…nevermind

      • Bruce

        For prototyping, what are your thoughts of using an oven and/or skillet?

        Also, how do I add my location pin on your eevblog map?

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