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    EEVblog #821 – Mailbag

    EEVblog #821 – Mailbag

    More Mailbag! Extended Teardown Video HERE Forum HERE SPOILERS: Military Mystery Item Teardown – UPDATE: ...

    • energos

      Can’t wait for the “take it apart” review!

      • Alex

        yes he’d have you believe that he invented the bladeless fan as well.As most people i’m sure would know there’s only basically one moving part in an electric motor. some as has been stated elsewhere are indeed brushless motor’s, used in, fans, fridges etc, so Dyson is letting himself down coming out with this claptrap, just a con. carbon free emissions? he should be ashamed of himself,to much hot air me thinks.

    • Bloch
    • johnnyk126

      And test that claim about 104k rpm.

    • house91320

      Take it apart.

    • http://nohere Joe

      Why to they mention the fact, that they didn’t embed two pencils in their motor design?! Brushless designs aren’t something new. So it must be marketing…

    • http://starlino.com/ starlino

      Dave , other than that marketing gaffe, how is the vacuum working ?

    • Michael Thompson

      Take it rockswimming!

      Throw it off a dam!

    • http://www.protostack.com Daniel

      I went to buy a car once and the salesperson said that because the air conditioner compressor was electric it didn’t take any power away from the engine.

      104K rpm is pretty amazing. What does it sound like when you turn it on?

      • http://www.eevblog.com EEVblog

        You obviously missed the extra video after the end credits!

      • New Dyson user

        Sounds pretty quiet but have to recharge for over an hour after about 10 mins. use.

    • John

      You turned it on but didn’t take it apart, you bastard! Now you owe us a product review on with a detailed teardown on the motor to see if it’s actually as pictured on the package!

    • Ian B

      On the subject of marketing, you might have reminded people that brushless digital motors drive the fans in practically every PC in the world!? Not really an innovation.

      And on the subject of electricity, one of the big problems with some plastic vacuums is a build up of static charge that turns them into dust magnets. Has Dyson addressed that one by constructing it from antistatic materials?

      • John

        Ooo… DIGITAL motors. Did they replace the mechanical rotor with ones and zeros?

    • http://sparkylabs.co.uk Simon

      I’d take it to the equivalent of british trading standards. Really digital motor….. no carbon emmissions, talk about misleading. I’ll never ever buy a dyson vacum cleaner !

    • f4eru

      I vote for “Take it appart” !!

    • Nick

      Argh. You did turn it on! Take it apart first! Goddammit. :)

    • Edward

      Dave – I 100% agree with your carbon bullshit marketing catch. nice job there.

      but I was actually looking forward to a product review – is the thing any good? I have been shopping for a handheld unit and would like to know! 😉

    • Xman

      Where do you want to shove it? Up the arse of the marketing team?

    • stoianchoo

      C’mon man, do a review. The marketing stuff is
      anoying but the really anoyng part is that we did not see how it really performs or what is inside.

      • http://www.eevblog.com EEVblog

        Who cares? It’s just a vacuum clear I bought for the wife.

    • Raj

      How long until Sir Dyson sees this video and marketing get an ass whooping?!


    • Scott Packard

      Dave – I understand the message in your video.
      The interesting thing about this vacuum (and maybe a video could come of it) is “switched reluctance motor”.
      The only consumer devices I know of that have one of these is an Shop-Vac Industrial that you won’t see for sale at any Home Depot and the Dyson DC-31. I think the Dyson model you bought is the DC-31 (the older model that size didn’t have a SRM).

      The Shop-Vac model is rated for a very long life (seems I remember the motor is 100,000 hours).

      Other than marketing, I figure Dyson is trying to use this vacuum to springboard the SRM in some other consumer appliance. Then the Great Recession hit and plans changed/were postponed.

    • http://www.fitness-superstore.co.uk fitnessmad

      Learnt a lot from this video, I have to admit I had no idea about carbon brushes and as a technofobe I didnt even realise it was marketing BS, lol.

      one question though, what is the “digital motor”?

    • PhysTchr

      Possible “Digital Motor” explained…

      Most motors in vacuums that plug into wall outlets in the US, speaking in relative integers similar to those used in discussing “digital products,” are AC motors… so they are more like alternating 1’s and -1’s. (For Non-Electrical Folks: Current flows one way [1] then reverses [-1] while still forcing the motor the same direction.) This is certainly NOT digital.

      BUT I suppose –using that same “digital speak”– a motor ‘might’ be constructed such that it ran (that is, it rotated) using the “+1” of AC current fast enough to allow for the motor to gain speed while receiving current (let’s call this “1” phase), and spin hard and fast enough to turn right past a non-coiled, non-electromagnetized, or turned off portion of the motor (call this the “0” phase) and right back to the charged “1” phase that’s receiving EM current.

      So then, THIS motor I just described technically now runs on 1’s and 0’s — TADA! It’s digital… AND it’s exactly 1/2 as efficient in speed and up to 1/2 as energy efficient since it would be turning itself completely OFF 60 times per sec (60 Hz in the US) and then having to electrically “restart” the motor 60 times a sec., too.

      BUT Why would the “Brilliant Genius” Mr. Dyson built a half-efficient motor? Maybe the same reason a 4th grade science student would… he didn’t understand it!

      Only other explanation… just like most other replies, it’s just like any other brushless motor but the Marketing folks know that many (or most) people just don’t know even the most Basic Science.

    • Pete Higgins

      I can’t believe you didn’t say it . . . . . “This vacuum cleaner SUCKS!”

      I also can’t believe that you said that you bought a vacuum cleaner for your wife. If you said that in the UK you’d be the one getting a rectal insertion.

    • Joy Abdul Majeed

      They should have highlighted the efficiency, cost, reliability and handling comfort. Seems like no such advantage.

    • Pete Maguire

      What about the fuel burnt in the power station to charge the thing up? Just like zero emission cars, misleading BS

    • St_John_Smithe

      Did you get the circuit diagram out of the bugger?

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