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    EEVblog #1056 – Digilent Open Scope MZ Review

    Dave looks at the Digilent Open Scope MZ Review, an $89 open source oscilloscope, logic ...

    • Alex

      This went on and on and on… Full marks for stamina to the last viewers standing and to the host.

      • Alex

        …and on and on…

    • Brian

      Hi Dave,

      While I am sure Altium is way way better, but if you have some time to kill give KiCAD a whirl, you interviewed the gEDA people but KiCAD is quite a lot more integrated…

      I wrote a short tutorial for it:

      I think Eagle isn’t worth learning giving the limitations and the fact is isn’t really much better (if any) than KiCAD I checked out the designspark one just now but really not enough documentation before download/registration to make me what to get it.

      • firewalker

        Nice job Brian!

    • Frank

      Well you had me until 6:36 into it when once again you had to bash Americans. Bravo!

      You’re right though, the U.S.A. has been carrying the rest of the world for almost 70 years now and we ARE idiots for continuing to do so.

      When are other countries like, oh I don’t know, say Australia, going to step up to the plate?

      You sir are an arrogant hypocritical ass!

      • Oh for goodness sake, get a sense of humor.
        Aussies like to take the piss out of Yanks, and it’s running joke on the blog.
        Learn to take things less seriously.

        • Frank

          That being the case I apologize for my remarks.

          Hopefully the next Yank lacking a sense of humor will see this and understand…

      • Biggsy

        Reading between the lines, I think Dave there was referring to the US government & authorities & major corporatons, etc, rather than indivudual American citizens, whom I’m sure everyone loves!

        • Of course, that goes without saying. Lots of fools get blinded by rage and think I “hate Americans”.

    • hacker/maker

      Do Arduino vs LaunchPad rant. 🙂

    • Szabi

      I know you are a big fan of the Victorinox Swiss Army Knifes, just like me. :>
      And if I’m right, you’re also collecting them.
      I certeanly would love to see a short blog episode about your SAK collection.

    • jay o

      That stool will start to creak in 6 months or so! we just chucked 2 out of our kitchen.

    • EschatologicalEngineer

      I can say with certainty, from the future, that this live episode was an excellent, inspiring (& often — funny ) first time experience of watching Dave’s Live Episodes.

      Dave, I doubt you will see a post on a Video this old, but I feel the need to express this: When I first started listening to the Amp Hour, I (am American) quickly jumped the gun and passed judgement (well…. as my as you can judge a discarnate being’s voice). Perhaps I took offense, like frank (although certainly for different reasons..).

      It also took me awhile to “get” / figure out how to interpret your raw / real way of expressing yourself.

      I want to apologize for having passed those jugements (althuogh I kept them in my head). The more I watch your videos & familiarize myself with your personality, the more thankful I grow that we (as a community) have someone like you. I feel that you are looking out for us in many ways. With all that contribute , and teach, I am slowly learning to become a more passionate yet more patient engineer.

      Thank you for all of your wisdom and contributions to the community online. Your a source of much inspiration, even to us thick headed yanks. 😛

      -D.h from KS-

      • Thanks.
        I’m not everyone’s cup of tea of course, and that’s fine, I am who I am.

    • Ghydda

      Hi Dave,

      I’m slowly working my way up in the episode list and enjoying it.
      But this episode ends very prematurely at 8:20 – have Youtube somehow managed to lose the rest of the vid?

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