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  • Eddie Hagler

    Why not play the sound of a bird of prey like some kind of hawk. That might quiet them at list for a little bit.

  • Zac Bailey

    Um, Dave. I don’t know about anyone else, but for me your latest angry birds blog (#157) update is showing the HTC fail (#156) video on the main page. Clicking through to the comments shows the new video.
    Just a heads up.

    P.S. Keep up the good work.

    • Zac Bailey

      On further inspection, all the videos on the main page are one behind their text entries.

      Also, at least you don’t have to deal with the southeastern U.S. Cicada. On the other hand the really noisy swarm only happens every 14 years or so.

  • outacontrol

    I used to have a tree like this, and I would just chuck a rock up in the tree and it was awesome to see all the birds take off at once… very satisfying.

    Or course birds are mean, crapping pests, and their population is growing unchecked due to human’s food waste. I’d say stomp the little shits, or get a high powered laser and burn the bastards.

  • Franki

    haha, with a video blog about birds, Dave really looks like Steve Irvin. Just look at the ittle critters…

  • Pjn

    I prefer the birds over the spiders.

  • sionyn

    ultrasound dave and then the birds will be gone

  • Jennifer

    That’s why someone invented Bird Shot

  • David

    And here I was thinking Dave was too busy being distracted by the new Angry Birds game on his HTC android phone 😛

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