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    • AL

      Dave, where did you buy that metal spudger tool from?

    • Two batteries: 7.77Wh each. That adds to 15.54Wh and not 16.28Wh as mentioned on the top sticker on the battery pack. What’s going on?

      • Tom

        Engineering math: 2 * 7.77 = 15.54
        Marketing math: 2 * 7.77 = pick a number between 16 and 20.

    • Don

      Looks like there was a tug of-war in the spec between cost and size resulting in the two-sided PCB. The light sensor must have been left to the last minute, however. Funny how little hardware you need if the processor is fast enough and the software is capable. Personally, I would have used a plastic or ceramic driver to poke around in there, especially while the battery was still connected.

    • Dave, what happened with your finger ?

      • It got caught in a door jam. You should see the damage to the door! :->

    • Carl

      The silicone tape is probably thermally conductive tape. Also, what is the cost of parts on this?

    • JOYAL

      I think the OMAP Processor is beneath the RAM which is a Package on Package type. And the smaller TI chip may be for Power Management

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