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    EEVblog #1054 – How an Analog PC Joystick Works

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    • HeavyG

      Don’t blame amazon for the region system of restricting distribution of content. Blame publishers – they are the ones that restrict what can be sold where and by whom.

      Amazon would love to be able to sell you everything that you want but they are not allowed to!

    • HeavyG

      You can also change pages in a book by just touching the left or right edge – you don’t have to use a swiping motion. I’m too lazy to do a swipe so I appreciate that just a touch will turn a page.

    • HeavyG

      Why I bought a Kindle Fire…

      Primarily to read while sitting in a dark or low light situation where I am unable to read an e-ink model.

      I find an iPad to be too big and heavy and my iPhone to be too small for long reading sessions. The Kindle Fire is just right!

      Personally I don’t care too much about all the other features (or the lack thereof – e.g. memory card slot) although I will occasionally play my music while reading or check the weather or play a game. For those purposes it is quite acceptable.

      For me it is all about the reading and for a mere $199US I think it is a helluva decent device.

    • Scott Packard

      When you read a .pdf, zoom in on a page in order to make it readable, then turn to the next page the zoom resets back to show a full page. This gets really old when reading multi-hundred page .pdfs.
      I’m guessing the Kindle Fire is using Acrobat Reader? I have a WebOS-based tablet that does the same thing. I have a cheap Android-based chi-pad and I bought the EZPdf app to get around the irritating feature. I imagine you could do the same thing with the Fire, after rooting it to get the Android Marketplace. What do the older e-ink Kindles do with .pdfs? Do they reset zoom after every page turn or do they stay zoomed in to what you selected?

    • huh

      Region restriction is just the first reason why I wouldn’t use a cloud based device if it was given me for free.
      Thanks Amazon, but no thanks; I’ll wait for more open devices to become affordable.

    • at 28:08 2 David (s) talking at the same time!!!
      Nice Video! Very lively and detailed.

    • Worf

      The Kindle Fire is locked to the US only – it’s actually very USELESS outside the US. The only thing outside the US you can buy is books, and that’s where the e-ink ones are better.

      Apps, Movies and Music are restricted to US only (requires a US billing address, grr.), thus negating all benefits to the Fire over the other Kindles.

      For PDFs, I think you’d want a larger screen like the iPad or so – it’s a much nicer PDF viewer as you’re not zooming around so much.

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