• More µCurrents available

    UPDATE: SOLD OUT in about 10 minutes, sorry! More on order, sending to the assemblers today.

    I have 15 more µCurrent’s available now.
    To be fair, I will list them on my shop tomorrow, Friday, 6 January at 9AM Sydney time.

    CLICK HERE for the timezone conversions.

    First in gets them.
    I’ve had too many ask “can you put one aside for me”, no I can’t, sorry, this is the only fair way.

    More are on order but will take some time…

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      • Any idea if/when the µSupply will be available (in kit) ?

      • M.

        >> I’ve had too many ask “can you put one aside for me”, no I can’t, sorry, this is the only fair way.

        What if I pay you a hundred bucks extra? 🙂

        You have a very high demand and very limited supply, so why don’t you increase your price? Or increase your supply and keep your price low? That way you will keep a high profit.

      • Did you realize:

        uCurrent can be used for finding short circuits, For example watch the arducopter blog (EEVBLOG#230). If you put 100mA from a lab supply in to a circuit and you put the uCurrent in the 10kOhm mode it will basically be a 100x voltage amplifier which extends a normal multimeter to a 2mV range (100nV resolution) which can be used to measure the voltage drop over any current carrying pcb trace.

        Downside is this is not a very safe way to use the uCurrent.If for some reason the short circuit disapears and you try to accidentaly measure a 12V voltage then those 12Volts are on the input of the opamp via a 100 Ohm series resistor (R12).

        Just wondering…
        Why is R12 only 100R? Would it not be more logical to use a 1k resistor here, just as R5 so both inputs have the same input impedance?

        Besides this litte remark I have to say I believe the uCurrent is a pretty nifty device. A lot of effort went into all the little details.

      • Ian.M

        Paul’s comment sounds interesting.
        Protection could easily be added externally with a pair of anti-parallel silicon diodes.

      • Nicolo

        Eventually I managed to get one!
        Only 2 pieces left after SEVEN MINUTES..

        Greetings from Venice, Italy

      • wardenclyffe

        I finally got one! Can’t wait til it shows up. Thanks, Dave.

      • Frank Liuzzi

        Thanks for mentioning the exact time that your uCurrent devices would be available again. This allowed me to finally snag one of them for my bench. Wow… sold out in seven minutes.

      • Charlie

        Arrjjj Could not manage to get one. Added one to cart but it took me some minutes to enter the correct shipping address and then the system told me they were sold out!

        I found it a bit unfair as I was able to get one into the cart (ie, there were in stock). At the end the feeling was that it was “stolen” from inside my cart while I was entering required information for checkout.


        • Robert M


          You have my sympathy.
          But imagine that it could have also been vice versa: Someone added the item to her/his cart and while she/he was entering her/his data you came along and tried to do the same.

          As Dave will receive more devices within the next days or weeks, I wish everybody is having luck next time.


          • Charlie

            Robert, thanks for the reply.

            It is not that someone in fact stole it from my cart. It was the feeling I had.

            I believe it is an issue of the on-line shop system. The items, once in the e-cart, should be locked and removed from the stock count. Only if checkout doesn’t go through for some reason then the items go back to stock.

            As I understand items stay in the e-cart permanently until I remove them, as stated on the email I received upon registration to the on-line shop.

            “Permanent Cart – Any products added to your online cart remain there until you remove them, or check them out.”

            I wonder if I had left the product in the cart until the next batch is available even though it said it was out of stock , will it automatically become available for me to checkout. Interesting. Anyhow, I emptied my cart already.

            Regards, CH

          • Another 50 will be sent to the assemblers today. Depends on how much work he has on as to when they get completed.

        • Sorry Charlie, I guess that’s the way the ZenCart system works, likely doesn’t deduct the item from the total until actual checkout is complete.

          • Charlie

            Thanks for replies.

            It’s Dave’s fault at the end! ..

            For having such a popular product.


      • Robert M

        Yes, don’t blame it on the boogie, blame it on Dave!!! 😉

      • Charlie

        Dave, I posted the issue on Zencart’s forum.

        If someone is interested…


        Regards, CH!

      • Rubi


        Why not selling just the empty pcbs?
        The parts are easily available at Digikey and it would be way cheaper for you.

        I would pay 20$ for the pcb and would love to solder the parts myself.

        • Because:
          a) Most people don’t want a blank board, they want ready built. (I tried kits, they were not popular, and a PITA arse to kit up for anyway)
          b) I’m not lining up at the post office and filling out a customs form to send a $10 or $20 board overseas, it’s just not worth it.

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