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Inventables X-Carve LIVE Build Part 3 + Batteriser Rant

Inventables X-Carve LIVE Build Part 3 + Batteriser Rant

Part 3 of Dave & David2 assembling the Inventables X-Carve milling machine. Bonus impromptu rant ...

  • http://www.knackes.com/ Pixel_K

    It looks more IKEA than LEGO, if you know what I mean.

    • Jasper Janssen

      That’s because of the Ikea shelves in the background!

  • robert

    It would definitely ‘feel’ like IKEA, if the last bolt to hold everything together were missing 😉

  • http://sites.google.com/site/funlw65/ funlw65

    You said “overcomplicated”… Perhaps that is why MTM Snap was created:


  • http://sites.google.com/site/funlw65/ funlw65

    If you want it from wood, here it is:
    American design :)

  • http://piku.org.uk James

    I’ve got two of those PTZ wifi cameras looking out the windows of my house as cheapo CCTV. They work pretty well – the software built into them is a load of crap though. I had to ‘modify’ mine to disable the IR LEDs because they reflected off the window and blinded the camera. On one disabling the LEDs involved unplugging the board they sit on, on the other I had to twist the legs of the light sensor together to short it out :-)

    PS: Cadbury’s is an English company 😉

  • Jarek Pelczar

    Suprisingly the text below OneHungLow is actually Japanese 😉

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  • tom bunyon

    Non-existent Video!