• uCurrent’s Available Again

    Those who were on the uCurrent email waiting list have already been notified and purchased several previous batches in the last two weeks.
    But they are now on general sale again from the EEVblog shop:

    This is the new Rev 3 version as seen in the recent videos.

    If they sell out again in 24 hours, then it ain’t my fault 😛
    I made plenty extra above the number on the sign-up list.


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      • Steve

        Thanks Dave.

        Mine just arrived. I’ve been trying to get one for ages.

      • Drone

        With the decline of the US Dollar against the Aussie Dollar, will we be seeing a drop in the price of the uCurrent too?

        • I sell in Aussie dollars only. So it US prices goes up and down all the time I’m afraid.

      • Ralle

        Hi Dave,

        how long will be the delivery to Germany approximately? According to the order status of order #234 (which is mine) you shipped the uCurrent on 04/13/2012 and I’m still waiting impatiently 😉
        Maybe you have a tracking no. so I can trace my parcel?

        • Australia post do not offer a tracking number I’m afraid.
          10-12 working days is not unusual with all the extra security bullshit these days. Regular parcel post is not as fast as it used to be 🙁

      • M.

        Ah man… sold out again.. 🙁

        Oh well, I think building one myself will be faster (and cheaper) than waiting for the next supply.

      • J

        Any way to get on the next list?

      • A.

        Dave, I got one day late!! I’ve been looking for one of your uCurrent for ages. Please make more!! They sell like hot bread!

      • What a great article!. I am bookmarking it to read it over again after work. It seems like a very interesting topic to write about.

      • David

        Hi Dave I am looking for at least two of these – but I noted your store is sold out again!

        When will you have stock and can I get them modified to suit 0-3A (jsut reduce amplifier gain by 1/10th?)



        • It is available from both Adafruit and Singapore Robotic.

      The EEVblog Store generally ships twice a week, on Tuesdays & Fridays, Sydney time. Dismiss