• EEVblog #310 – Cheap Siglent and Agilent scopes

    A quick look at some cheap scopes at TrioSmartCal with Charles.
    The Agilent DSO1052B
    The Siglent SDS1204CFL
    The Siglent SDS1022C / Atten 1022CL+ / BK Precision 2530B
    The Unique UQ2062C

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      • I’d love to see a teardown/comparison of a couple of these low cost scopes – Siglent/Atten, Rigol, Owon. On the cards sometime soon?

        • Quite possibly. Big job though for a shootout.

      • DC

        I’ll second that. Even take a bit further, and look at the tiering for scopes.

        * So basic low-end 50meg for around $xx, this is what you get, what you can do.
        * Step up to a 100meg for around $yy and you get these features. This one and that are really worth it if you’re doing AVR/PIC microcontroller work.
        * Even better, go for something like this BLAHBLAH scope, and now you get XXYYZZ which is really neat. Is it worth the extra $zz, yeah, I think so.

        Add in the PC-based scopes too. I know you did the comparison between PC and bench scopes in 2009 – have things changed at all ? A colleague has a Cleverscope with a dedicated small back-of-monitor PC and 21″ monitor for it. Bluetooth keyboard/mouse. Wow, slick, and that gorgeous huge screen. But pricey.

      • Steve

        I’ll second that, a teardown of some of the cheaper scopes on the market, and by that I mean less than 800$, but then having something like “But for 1000$, you can get this” would be nice.

        Bet your running out of room to store all the electronics stuff you get given. First you had a box of multimeters, now you have a room of various scopes?

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