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    EEVblog #1040 – Caesium Beam Frequency Standards

    A look at the Caesium beam time and frequency standards at the Keysight standards lab ...

    • Beaner

      Mmmm. Quality Street. 🙂

    • Wonko the Sane

      Why don’t you get a cheap battery powered clock – large with hands. You set it to midnight and using a switch in series with the battery turn it on when you want to start to time some thing, then when you finish you just look at the clock… And for Makerbot builds you just have the clock in view when doing a time lapse…

    • hintonian

      dave, did i hear you blame the coriolis effect for the fact that the extruded plastic spun one way at 38:57? it aint true davey baby check out snopes:

      its more likely there a minor imperfection in the nozzle causing one way rotation.

      • I think you may have missed the joke :->

    • jipihorn

      What is the model of lapel mike we see at 43:25 ?

    • Raul

      Hello Dave

      It would be nice to do a show that shows viewers what low-cost 3d-cad software options can be used to generate the files needed to printout parts on the makerbot.

      Or maybe a show on afordable 3d cad tools.

      great shows!



      Northborouhg, Massachusetts USA

    • David

      Well, this went exactly as I thought it would. I still think these 3D printers are still way too finicky and way overpriced. For cripesake, my $39 printer has a plastic printed feedback ribbon with a super cheap plastic LED-driven linear quadrature optical encoder on it. It easily gets 600 dpi, is fast, and and has printed tens of thousands of sheets (if not much more).

      At least they have belt tensioners this time around. (And how many generations of replicators did it take to get them?)

      Thanks for the video Dave. Show us how this works out over time.


      • It would be interestign to know how much is costs to implement a position feedback system in these low quantities (compared to inkjet printers)

    • manlups

      So Dave when do we get to see one with the platform properly adjusted?

      • You need to follow me on Twitter!

        • manlups

          What’s this Twitter you speak of?

    • Steve


      Makerbot can not use the MADE IN USA label as the printer contians compentents of foriegn orignin. They may however be able to use the Assemmbled In USA label from domestic and foriegn compenents lable but they will need to check with the US federal trade commission for the rules that apply. The missuse of MADE IN USA can really lead to trouble.

    • Simon

      I think the platform ajustment needs proper adjusting and that was the cause of the rippled raft and it peeling off in the corner. These things are supposed to be very accurate, they let you off with a piece of paper but take the hint. Any CNC equipment will need setting up properly at start and regular self calibration checks. Our CNC mill at work takes 1/2 hour to go through start up checks and warm up which involves checking everything can move correctly.

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