• EEVblog #413 – Mailbag

    Mailbag Monday
    What’s in Dave’s mail?


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      • Anders

        That is gecko booster chewing gum in a blisterpack! Reduces energy consumption and code-size. You probably don’t have that in austraalia…

        Out of the ~2uA current consumption, the memory lcd is actually only using 300-500 nA (we measured with the uCurrent), the efm32 giant gecko has a lot of RAM and therefore slightly higher standby consumption than the smaller tiny gecko you had in a previous mailbag. Check out this video: http://bit.ly/Wk2LYK for how fast moving animations and moving pictures look on that display.

      • http://JeanFrancoisAvon.com JFA in Montreal

        My munch that the keyring can also be used as a beer bottle opener… :-)

        Sorry, but while I like electronics (it’s an evil no gentleman ought to overlook), I’m a mechanical guy, hence, the sharp eye for geometric shape’s purposes. :-)

        Try it out on a cold one…

        Cheers from Montreal, Canada (where people are walking with their head toward the UP direction)


        OOPS !

      • Patrick

        The fusebit doctor was the first board that i etched by myself using the toner transfer method. It is a good exercise and a handy tool.

        I had to rescue a few AVRs (I messed up the clock settings.) using a function generator. That worked well, but setting things up and checking the voltages takes some time.

        The fusebit doctor does the job in less time and you don’t loose focus on what you were going to do with the AVR that you need to rescue.

      • http://www.atlanta-robotics.com jebadiah moulton

        Thanks for the good review on the Decade Resistance PCB Dave. I just finished the Decade Capacitance PCB. It looks exactly like the resistance one. Should be up for sale on my web site in a couple weeks once I get the first order in. 0.17pF to 100uF. I’ll send you one when they come in.

        • http://www.lynx-india.com Amarbir

          Moulton ,
          This is The Mad indian Dealer On EEVBlog .I would Like To Resell This In India .


          Amarbir S Dhillon

      • http://JeanFrancoisAvon.com JFA in Montréal

        I ordered two Half-Ohm thingies.

        On one of them, the switch popped off, having been either cold soldered, or not soldered at all, held in place only by flux. There are large patches of flux left over on the board too. The assembly could have been better.

        I’ve never ever tried to solder SMD devices. I got myself solder wick and will have a go at it with my new and beloved Hakko FX-888

        Maybe salvaging that 15$ piece of electronic will “justify” my buying a 150$ hot air reflow unit?

        For gals, it’s shoes and handbags; for guys, it’s tools… That how we are. :-)

        Now, I got to get a CR2032 to put in the thingies…

      • nick m.

        I appreciate the maker of this circuit!
        Thanks! http://airplasma.com/

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