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  • tchicago

    If these guys are so serious about the product design, I think they take a hard look at the design of their retail package. Because I’d think twice before buing test equipment in such cheesy boxes that scream “I’m cheapo” 😉

    • Andrew

      YOu obviously, haven’t been to their website. It looks as though the design has not been updated since 1996 although the information is current.
      It is unfortunate, i have had a brymen meter for the last 8 years and it has always done well for me. I actually had it bought for me and it is good to hear it really is a decent meter.
      I have the software for it (on dikete!) somewhere. It connectes via serial with optical isolation. Unfortunatly the suite is useful but adds little extra functionality and has a refresh rate of about 1hz sadly.

  • Angus

    Thank you very much for your review. I had never heard of Brymen before, and now am the happy owner of a BM869 (bought from Poland since I couldn’t find any distributors in the UK).

    A nice surprise which I don’t think you mentioned in your blog is the ‘delta’ function, allowing a reference level to be held, and deviations from it displayed. Just what I needed!

  • Lucas

    I just ordered myself a BM257 (also from Poland). It’ll be my first ‘real’ multimeter, after a 5 bucks Onehunglow which actually worked quite well over the years.

  • glatocha


    so happy that you like the 257 that I own for 3 years now. In addition I would like to add that it is pretty fast. AFAIR there is 50 updates per second on the graph below the digits. I like that function (u need to select the range).

    If one buying on the internet, take some spare fuses as I couldn’t find thouse in normal store.

    One of mine gets stolen on site and I imediately order a new one. That is how happy I was with mine.


  • BennyBoy

    5870 is a badass card! Have one in my 5 year old Mac, and it still flies on most every game.

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