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  • chippy

    Do you think they have transfered them to sweden and distributed from there ?

    • That seems the most likely scenario at this stage. It’s a Swedish global mailing company.

  • NoOne

    …still waiting in Germany…..

  • BiOzZ

    Maryland USA not gotten mine yet, just got the mail

  • H.O

    I’m *IN* Sweden and have not received anything yet. I feel your frustration Dave, no worries on my behalf!

    • Henrik

      I’m also also in Sweden and have not yet recieved any rulers.

  • NSA

    Do you all have no rulers? Even in Germany nor in Sweden?
    People in maryland and elsewhere in the states don’t need any rulers – they got Obama for straight rules.

    • JoeO

      The NSA is the only arm of the Federal Government that listens to the citizens.

  • boz

    Arrived this morning in New Zealand (Rural Delivery which usually takes a couple of days more than normal)

  • Ian

    Just checked the post box after reading boz’s post and there is a package containing 2 eevblog rulers in excellent condition!

  • Ian

    no swedish postmark – postage paid Australia frank and a sticker on top for NZ post from Auckland it would seem.

  • G7PSK

    Still no sign of the five that I ordered, and the UK is not that far from Sweden.Is it possible they are doing the mailing in alphabetical order.

    • Something strange is indeed going on. Still have not heard back from Direct Link on WTF is going on.

  • ac

    I ordered some 2 KG item from the US shop once, shipping was $3 to Finland. Comparable package from private ebay seller is usually ten times that. Took 2 months and it sure didn’t go directly by air mail all the way. If you used some cheap logistics company, they could be in business of optimizing the shipping costs using various freight forwarders /logistic companies etc with less frequent shipping and slower routes and such.

  • Flip

    Got mine today in Germany.

  • cakeface

    Got my two rulers in the post this morning (UK), Malmo postmark.

  • jmr

    Like Flip i’m german and i got my rulers today. And yes, labeled with a swedish postmark.

  • Jens S.

    Received in Denmark today. Swedish postmark.

  • Joss R

    Got my 5 Rulers today (UK)

  • Mike K

    Got my 5 rulers today (Danmark), postmark from Sweden.

  • FloFo

    Got my rulers today (Germany), Swedish priority postmark (Malmo)

  • DrDanUk

    Got my five today (UK), postage from Sweden (DLWW Pty Ltd…. malmo, Sweden). The postage sticker is over the top of a “postage paid Australia”

  • JohK

    Got my five yesterday in Germany, Postmark from Sweden.

  • Kim Kristensen

    Hi Dave,

    I got my rulers yesterday, In very good condition.
    Swedish “Stamp” – Malmö.
    I live 1 hour drive from Malmö, so not fast delivery.
    Envelope have some kind of barcode on the front side of the envelope in orange.


    Kim Kristensen

  • HB

    It’alive….it’s aaaaliiiiivveeee!!!

    Five rules arrived in great condition today in Germany. As suspected with a swedisch Stamp.

  • Roger

    Hi Dave, rulers received in tact in California, USA.


  • Yay! The rulers arrived today in Leipzig/Germany, thanks a lot!

  • Hi David,

    I received my rulers today in France !

    Thanks a lot ot !


  • Chris

    Hey Dave, got my rulers today in Virginia, USA. Looked like the envelope saw some milage, good thing you used those tough ones.

  • MikeBoyce

    Got my rulers today in Portland Oregon. Pristine condish.

  • Ryano

    Seattle checking in! Five rulers arrived today via Direct Link New Zealand.

  • Dingo

    Arrived in France yesterday – from Sweden.


  • Mike Palmer

    Got mine in FLA. Nice work, but now I need an EEBlog magnifying glass to read them!

    How about a 12″ version for older engineers!

  • Ptitcanard

    Arrived in France today from sweden also. +1 for the magnifying glass 😉
    Nice job Dave !

  • Tad Coin

    Just got mine in the mail today in Kalamazoo MI USA. Thanks Dave the envelope and card worked like a charm.

  • geostep

    Mine arrived on 11/15. New Zealand postmark.
    Thanks Dave!

  • agussug

    Got mine today. Indonesia. Sweden Post.


  • vicelord

    Got my rulers today in Bucharest Romania.

  • Toni

    Finland; Arrived today. No stamp, just “Postage paid” sticker with birdlike logo.

  • V0JT4

    Envelope finally arrived to Czech Republic with the same Singapore post labels as the one delivered to Lithuania.

  • Freek

    Got mine today in the Netherlands

  • Kristian

    Received today in Bergen, Norway. No Swedish postage stamp, but the Australian postage paid stamp was covered with a Postage Paid stamp with the letters AE – DXB, so I guess it went thorough Dubai International Airport on its way.

  • gehinz

    I’m still waiting in Germany (Hannover)…

  • Michael

    Waiting for mine in circle pines, mn….

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